Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and counselling are helping processes involving an agreement between us to have a confidential, talking relationship involving me as your therapist and you as my client. The overall aim is for you to explore your feelings and thoughts with my support so that you can manage your life with greater satisfaction.

Counselling usually focuses on specific issues and events. During counselling, I would work with you to help you explore and understand the situation, issue or event that has led you to seek support. Counselling can help you feel better equipped to make the changes you want to see around this aspect of your life.

Psychotherapy involves more in-depth work and can take longer.  We would explore more fully the underlying aspects that are driving your behaviour, thoughts and feelings; your inner world and personal experience, and the ways you may have developed to deal with yourself, others and the world.

Working in this way helps you to make links that are not in your awareness – links between past events in your life and your present experience.  A relational psychodynamic approach, like the one I practice, identifies patterns in our therapeutic relationship which will provide me and ultimately you with insight into your patterns of relating to others in your life.  It’s only once your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are in your awareness that you can hope to make the change you want to see and feel.